Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice -

Above is the Website link to the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Providers (APFSP). From there you can access membership information, including CE renewal requirements.

CE Requirements:
20 hours annually
180 hours for initial membership
IMPORTANT NOTE: The APFSP allocates CE hours in decimals. As examples:
.1 = 1 hour of CE      1.0 = 10 hours of CE
.2 = 2 hours of CE     2.0 = 20 hours of CE
APEX continuing education course work qualifies for initial CFSP certification in the  'Academic' catagory [Category A]. 

Certification renewals may be completed entirely through APEX home study (Online / by Mail)
License Renewal Deadline: Renewal statement and transcript will be sent to you by the Academy on your anniversary date.
ONLINE Activity Form, click here:
then click on 'Activity Reporting' in the bar on the left.
Exemptions from CE: Contact the Academy directly
CE Carryover Policy: A maximum of 40 hours of CE may be carried over annually.
Acceptable Types of Courses: Home study (Online / by Mail); Classroom study
Testing: Required for home study in order to certify completion of course materials. APEX testing is "OPEN BOOK," which means you have access to course materials while taking each quiz.
Course Repetition: A course cannot be repeated within the same renewal period, but the same course can be taken again and will receive credit during subsequent renewal periods.
Certification of Completion: Print the certificate for each quiz you pass. Send a copy of your certificates with the Activity Form, or complete the Online Activity Form (see above link). Always keep a copy of your certificates.   
Contact Information:
Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice
P.O. Box 1160
Buchanan, GA  30113
Phone: (866) 431-2377   FAX: (770) 646-9490
APEX is an Approved Provider for the APFSP. offers this information for the convenience of licensees. while reasonable efforts have been made to confirm this information is current and accurate, neither, nor its employees or affiliates warrant, guarantee, or represent that this information is accurate or current. all information is subject to change without notice. licensees are encouraged to contact their state board with any questions.