Minnesota Dept. of Health - Mortuary Science Section -

Above is the Website link to the Mortuary Science Section of the Minnesota Department of Health. From there you can access current information, including license renewal requirements.

CE Requirements:

Minnesota requires 15 hours of continuing education be reported every TWO years.
ONE hour of OSHA course work MUST be interactive EVERY YEAR, for a total of TWO hours for each CE reporting period.

13 hours of course work may be completed through home study (Online / by Mail).
Those 13 hours MUST be divided among these categories: 
Category 1: A minimum of 3 hours in Body Preparation, Care, or Handling
Category 2: A minimum of 3 hours in Professional Practices
Category 3: A minimum of 3 hours in Regulations and Ethics
The remaining 4 hours may be taken in any one of the above categories, or in any combination of the above categories.
In other words: Once you complete 3 hours in each category, you may take another 4 hours in one category, or split up the 4 hours among one or more of the categories.
OSHA Clarification: Licensees are required to take a 1 hour interactive OSHA course EVERY year, which means they must be able to ask questions to a live presenter, through a live webinar, for example. Those hours can be counted toward the total number of 15 required C.E. hours during CE reporting years. The remaining 13 hours may be completed through online / by mail courses, as specified above.

License Renewal Deadline: December 31st - every year.
CE Reporting Deadlines:
Licenses ending with an ODD number report CE in ODD years;
Licenses ending with an EVEN number report CE in EVEN years.

Exemptions from CE: Check your state board Website through the above link, or by calling them directly.

CE Carryover Policy: CE hours may NOT be carried over.

Acceptable Types of Courses: Home study (Online / by Mail); Classroom study

Testing: Required for home study in order to certify completion of course materials. APEX testing is "OPEN BOOK," which means you have access to course materials while taking each quiz.
Course Repetition: A course cannot be repeated within the same renewal period, but the same course can be taken again and will receive credit during subsequent renewal periods.
Reporting CE: The licensee must report completed CE on the renewal application.
Certification of Completion: Print the certificate for each quiz you pass. Do NOT send them with renewal form, but retain those for your records in case copies are requested by the state.
Contact Information:

Minnesota Dept. of Health
Mortuary Science Section
P.O. Box 64882
St. Paul, MN  55164-0882

Phone:    (651) 201-3829  (651) 201-3829    FAX: (651) 201-3839
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