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These are just a few of the comments we have received from students ...

I have always used APEX for my courses and have never been more satisfied with the testing. APEX has been so easy to use and has always notified the state in a timely manner.

Joey Howard
"Thank you, APEX. The knowledge you share
  will project me to serving families at a higher level."
Nickolaus Mahomes
"Very interesting and easy to do!"
Jennifer Copeland-Doyle
"My best CEU experience! I love the efficient,
  thorough yet time saving format of APEX courses."
Michelle Nowak
"APEX has an excellent continuing education program."
Terry Pipkin
"28 years in the business and the course covered areas
  I have never seen before - it was great!"
Gordon Armstrong
"Very comprehensive and presented in an easy-to-understand way."
Galen Creighton
"Great subjects in a clear and user friendly format!
  I will use APEX again next time CEUs are due! Thanks!"
Scott Pellerin
"Courses are presented in concise, yet informative language.
  They are both helpful and useful."
Frantz Howard
"I found the courses helpful and insightful."
Alejandro Estrada
"Don't change a thing. Great learning, GREAT courses!!!"
Jason Higginbotham
"Good as it gets! Keep up the excellent work!"
Thomas Howard
Johnson City,TX
"Very informative and interesting."
Thomas Ford
"APEX CE courses are the best! All the information is presented
  in a well organized, excellent manner."
Cheryl Dearing
FD & Registered Nurse
"You make dreaded CE a pleasure to get! Thank You!"
Kenny Kuehler
"You have a good course selection, and this is so much easier
  than traveling all over Texas."
John Carter
"Painless way to get CEUs and the information is very good and up to date."
Carolyn Roberson
"Always user friendly and efficient."
Diane Lee

"All funeral directors should take APEX courses."

Lawrence Matetzschk
"Courses are helpful and easy to use."
Cory Allen
"APEX courses are very well formatted.
  I will continue to use your service for my CEUs."
Travis Parnell
"This is the best way to get CEUs ... as a working parent I can work
  at my own time and pace. It's great!"
Manuelita Barnett
"These courses are a godsend!"
Cassandra Marie Butler
New Iberia,LA
"All of the courses are very well organized with excellent information."
Norma Ceballos Peynado
"Courses are very helpful to me. For example I became familiar with green burial practices."
Frederick Ashton
The Woodlands,TX
"Great courses for on-line study or classroom.
  Thoughtful, informative and stimulating ... Thanks!"
Robert Ervin
"Courses are always well laid out. I really enjoy working with you. Great Job!"
Michael Lee McClain
San Leon,TX
"Very convenient; fast, but packed with information. Great C.E. program. I plan to
use them from now on."
Jeff Moore
"Great course composition and delivery at a fair price."
Kenneth Kilpatrick
"I am always pleased with APEX courses. They are informative, easy to use, and professional."
Diana Brooks
"Thank you for your assistance in funeral industry continuing education.
This is an easy alternative way to complete courses."
Christian Corl
League City,TX
"Great value for the price, easy to use online courses and all very convenient.
Highly recommended!"
Marjorie Kunch
"Thank you for this site and your materials. I found them useful, informative, educational and helpful in obtaining my C.E. requirements. I will use APEX every time I need the hours."
David Ives
"Informative - Eye opener - Thank you."
Michael Nicklas

"I recommend APEX continuing education to my friends."

Reginald Loche
"The course material was very well written and easy to comprehend."
Teresa Hodges
"All information was very helpful, but I did notice there were words misspelled from time to time. [Editor's Note: We strive for accuracy and apologize for any errors. If anyone finds a mistake, tells us about it and we agree, we will provide a special discount for your next order.]
I would recommend this C.E. program to all of my colleagues."
Kendrick Jenkins
Cedar Hill,TX
"All courses are very informative."
Kurt Saine
"Very good courses!"
Lynn Morris Laird
"Excellent material!"
Samuel Starnes
Archer City,TX
"Courses have information we need to know & they are very interesting."
John Jackson
"Your courses are great and educational. Keep up the good work!"
David Seabolt
"Very good courses; very helpful information."
Ronald Crocker
"Always a good feeling using Apex continuing education."
Juan Garcia
"Great information for the active funeral director."
James Knapp
"Excellent information and presentation. There are great ideas I hope to try. The courses also provide helpful reviews of the FTC Rule and OSHA standards. Thank you."
Susan Miller
"Great courses!"
Martin Turner

"Very simple and to the point ... great source for my CEUs."

Charles Dunn
"Courses are extremely valuable, well organized and informative CE."
Don Napier
"Excellent courses. I will recommend APEX to anyone who needs CE."
Richard O'Brien
"First time taking one of your courses, and I will definitely be using your service in the future for myself and my staff."
Casey Lloyd
"I really enjoyed the courses. They helped me see new ways of doing things."
Gail Robinson
"Very rewarding."
James Melton
"Easy & great way to get CE."
John Gundersen
West Jordan,UT
"If it wasn't for APEX courses my license would have expired years ago."
Henry Taylor
Round Rock,TX
"Very good information."
Independent Family Mortuary
"I enjoyed the course and the details it provided about the FTC Rule."
Joe Gardner, Jr.
Mount Olive,MS
"Your course offerings are simple and to the point, filled with great information needed to not only provide CE units, but also for working in a funeral establishment."
Troy Thompson
"I have never used an online source to do my CEUs before. I must say it was every easy to do, informative, and enjoyable to work with. For sure I will be using APEX again in 2 years."
Robert Wendel
"Great material. Easy to understand. I enjoyed the courses."
Annette Brown
Fort Worth,TX
"I was very impressed with the way the material was presented."
Javier Gonzales
"This is such a convenient way to complete continuing education."
Nora Porter
"This is the best, most informative site for CE."
Tammy Turner
"Very informative on updated laws."
Marco Enriquez
"I enjoyed the online course of study and will continue to use your service."
Paula Porter
Corpus Christi,TX
"I have used APEX Continuing Education Solutions for years and it is great!!!! John, you are wonderful and thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!"
Permella M. Harris
"These courses are a very effective way for the working funeral director to obtain good subject information and maintain credit hours. Thank You Apex!"
James McWilliams
"APEX courses are VERY USER FRIENDLY! Excellent "On-line" course of study. I highly recommend them!"
Bobby Gonzales
"Very good source for all your continuing education needs and for all levels of experience!"
Thomas Boland
"Great way to get my hours. Go at your own pace, don't have to travel, and better financially."
Brent Harrison
"Very well organized and user friendly."
Michael Day
"This is a great way to gain infomation and complete continuing education!"
Sterling Leishman
"The courses were a great refresher to enhancing my knowledge. It was extemely helpful. Often we get caught up in the day to day aspects of the funeral home work place and need a refresher from time to time. The courses provide a reality check. Thank you for the material presented."
B. Williams
"APEX is fast and easy for the professional and will give you the confidence in knowing that they took care of you in you time of CE need."
Frank Tapia
San Antonio,TX
"APEX Continuing Education courses are more than a refresher. They provide motivation and confidence that I am a professional by equipping me with useful ideas and information."
Sheri Cain
"Apex courses are above average. I came away with more knowledge than I thought I would, and I will continue to use Apex in the future. Thanks!"
Christopher Moore
"I appreciate the CE being so easy to take."
Russell Marshall
Wichita Falls,TX
"I have been licensed since 1987 and I still learned new things from the Infant Embalming course."
Craig Eberhardt
Eau Claire,WI
"Courses are very good and informative. Thank you!"
Michael Nicklas
"Course information is easy to understand and also provides good insights."
Joseph Guidetti
New York,NY
"Thanks so much for offering these various courses. It certainly helps as sometimes we just can't travel the distance we need to get the credits live."
R. Michael Jungers, III
"I had just moved back to Texas from Japan, and found myself with five days left until my license expired. APEX was there for me when I called, providing much needed encouragement. I was able to obtain my continuing education credits fast, the courses were great, and the customer service was superb. Thank you APEX for all of your help and support! (I promise I will never again wait until the last minute to renew my license!)"
Donald Wilson
New Braunfels,TX

"I believe the goals and objectives of APEX courses are well accomplished."
Robert Kane
South Easton,MA

"I like your courses; they are not dry or boring, but have good scenarios and interesting information. Thank you!"

Carol Stewart
"I enjoyed the Difficult People course immensely."
Belinda Graddy
"This was my first time using APEX. Your program is easy to use and very helpful. I'll see you in two years. Keep up the great program!"
Ronald Maxwell

"As a returning customer I am extremely satisfied with your program. The Ethics course was great!"

Leon Humphries
La Grange,TX
"Great review / Easy reading / Excellent customer service. Thank you."
Rose Diane Gonzalez Cantu
Corpus Christi,TX
"These were great courses that helped refresh my memory with information that I may not use everyday, but still need to know."
Rudy Ellis
Sulphur Springs,TX
"Quick and easy way to get that CE finished."
Amber Lee

"The material was excellent! Great refresher and updated knowledge & information for the professional funeral director."

Donald Finney
"To those of us that continue working day in day out, without a chance for CE @ conventions or elsewhere, I must say that it is very convenient to take APEX courses online."
Juan Sierra
"Apex continuing education solutions made my license renewal stress-free and easy as 1,2,3. The opportunity to take my tests in the comfort of my own home at my own pace, made it a great option for renewing my Licenses. Thanks, APEX."
Able Rodriguez
"I learned a lot of new things, and was reminded of some things I knew but had forgotten."
Margaret Jackson
"This was my first time I used your program. It was easy to use and very helpful. I'll see you in two years. Keep up the great program."
Ronald Maxwell
"These are very informative courses. Keep up the good work! Thank you."
Ronny Young
"Outstanding CEU's! In one complete, easy opportunity to get in my continuing education for renewing my license. Thanks APEX!"
Gerald Holeman
"The courses you offer online are very clear and easy to use. I have used your services for almost a decade, and always found them to be easy-to-navigate and easy-to-understand. I will continue to use your courses and tell other funeral directors and embalmers about Apex. Thank you."
James Bass
Hot Springs,AR
"I really appreciated the refresher on Ethics, and the variety of courses available online. I will definitely be using your services again!"
Ann Colletti
"I loved these courses and will use APEX from now on. Thank You Apex!"
Paul Aguilar
San Antonio,TX
"Having this program online is very efficient and helpful. Sometimes we don't have time to make it to the seminars. "
A. Lavender
EL Paso,TX
"Very user-friendly & informative. I highly recommend these courses. They are affordable, well organized and concise. The staff is also very helpful and gives quick responses."
P. Robertson
President & CEO
"In this fast-paced world, it is good to know that APEX ce solutions has courses that are well formatted, educational, and convenient."
R. Nolasco, Jr.
Funeral Director
"Excellent review and updates."
J. Diggs
"All materials were well presented and easy to follow."
H. O'Dell

"I plan to encourage my staff to use the material, not only to meet their requirements but also to learn new information they can use on the job."

M. Crochiere
"I really enjoyed all of the courses. Very educational. Loved the way they were presented."
C. Rogers
"APEX ce solutions is the most informative and convenient way to fulfill continuing education I have experienced. I recommend them without hesitation."
R. Landry
Marketing Manager

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