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APEX is proud to provide the best affordable online continuing education for funeral directors and embalmers who need online CE for license renewal. APEX courses are approved across the United States, as well as by the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice (APFSP Approved). You are a busy professional so our funeral director continuing education courses and embalmer continuing education courses are user friendly, designed for quick and easy completion at your convenience, anytime, from any device. If you need funeral director CE or embalmer CE, APEX is the right choice because our solutions keep it all simple.

APEX also offers you the choice of funeral director continuing education courses and embalmer continuing education courses that can be ordered individually, or often in special "Course Pacs" that save you time and money.

When you pass a quiz, we tell you which questions were answered correctly or incorrectly because our goal is to provide online funeral director continuing education and embalmer continuing education that is informative as well as affordable. Our expert instructors include Todd W. Van Beck, renowned for his vast knowledge and experience in funeral service education.

Certificates of Attendance can be printed online immediately, and you will always have access to those as well as to course materials. There are: NO time limits; NO hidden reporting fees, and we guarantee satisfaction or you get your money back.


Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice (APFSP) Funeral CEU
Alabama Funeral CEU
Arizona Funeral CEU
Arkansas Funeral CEU
California Funeral CEU
Canada Funeral CEU
Colorado Funeral CEU
Connecticut Funeral CEU
Delaware Funeral CEU
Florida Funeral CEU
Georgia Funeral CEU
Hawaii Funeral CEU
Idaho Funeral CEU
Illinois Funeral CEU
Indiana Funeral CEU
Iowa Funeral CEU
Kansas Funeral CEU
Kentucky Funeral CEU
Louisiana Funeral CEU
Maine Funeral CEU
Maryland Funeral CEU
Massachusetts Funeral CEU
Minnesota Funeral CEU
Montana Funeral CEU
Nebraska Funeral CEU
Nevada Funeral CEU
New Hampshire Funeral CEU
New Jersey Funeral CEU
New Mexico Funeral CEU
New York Funeral CEU
North Carolina Funeral CEU
Oklahoma Funeral CEU
Rhode Island Funeral CEU
South Carolina Funeral CEU
Tennessee Funeral CEU
Texas Funeral CEU
Utah Funeral CEU
Vermont Funeral CEU
Virginia Funeral CEU
Washington Funeral CEU
Washington DC Funeral CEU
West Virginia Funeral CEU
Wisconsin Funeral CEU
Wyoming Funeral CEU

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